New PenPal System.


The new system is a complete overhaul of PenPals Plus.
It has a brand new look, is easier and faster to use and has lots of new
features to make your penpal experience simpler and more enjoyable.

New Features:
1. No more complicated UserId numbers!
    the new system uses just your Nickname (Handle) and your Password.

2. If you forget your Handle or Password, the system will email them to you
    on request - no more waiting 24 hours for an administrator to find them
    for you.

3. New online help screens
    Until you become familiar with the new system we suggest that on each
    screen you look for and click on the HELP button for a detailed explanation
    of what to do on that screen.

4. Automated Profile Creation
    Many penpals have told us that it is hard to think what to say in their
profile.  The new create a profile program has a number of preprogramed
interests   and activities that  you can click  on or select to have them automatically
     included in your ad

    They also have a rating system which ranges from "Essential" to "No
Thanks".   (Use the extreme ratings ("ESSENTIAL!" and "NO THANKS!") sparingly,
since  they will narrow your field of matches considerably. They are to be used only if   
your matches either must have, or must not have, a certain interest.)

   NOTE: only answer the questions that you want to answer.

   Of course no simple collection of traits and interests can really define
a person.    So the create a profile ends with a free format comment box where you can   
give a little information about yourself, your interests and what you are
looking    for in a penpal. This section is where you can quote your direct reply
email    address if you have set one up. (See Mail for more details on how to have
a  special email address for penpals.)

5 Automatic Matching
 When you create or update your profile, the system will compare your
answers  with every other member's answers and give you up to 6 matches of the
people  who most closely match your interests. It will also notify those people
about you!

Members can view profiles of their matches, and interact with each match
via  a private message board. Each private message board is accessible only by
the user and the match.

6 Greater Privacy Protection
When some one posts a reply on your private message board you get an
email  notification telling you to login and view your board. This prevents
snoopy  friends and family members who share your computer from reading your
messages, which they were able to do on the old system when the entire
message was emailed to you!

7. Photo Upload.
    We now have a very simple means of uploading your photo into your ad.
    As long as the photo is stored on your computer and you can tell us
where  the file is, we can upload it instantly.

Now it's time for you to try it out!

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